lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

Rita will be looking for a new home soon... // Rita pronto estará buscando hogar

Stay tuned. Rita will be listed in my etsy shop very soon. I will update with all the info tomorrow. Thanks!

Permaneced atentos. Rita estará disponible en mi tienda etsy muy pronto. Mañana actualizaré el blog con toda la info. ¡Gracias!

martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

Apple Pie is looking for a new home

Hi! Apple Pie is my latest custom Blythe and she is looking for a new loving home. She is a Hollywood EBL mold.

Here you can find all the work done on her and other details.

- Carved mouth and nose.
- New make up (made with high quality pastels and watercolor pencils. All sealed with MSC Matt.
- Eyelids in bright green with apple drawings. 
- All eye chips are new from Brainworm. (blue, grey, soft pink and brown).
- Blogged eyes and gaze correction.
- She has NOT sleepy eyes.
- Licca body (but can change it for her stock one if requested).
- She will travel in a random Blythe color box and a strong exterior box. All wrapped and protected for a safety trip.
- She will travel nude (but not naked).

Apple found a new loving home. <3

Thank you so much!