martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

Apple Pie is looking for a new home

Hi! Apple Pie is my latest custom Blythe and she is looking for a new loving home. She is a Hollywood EBL mold.

Here you can find all the work done on her and other details.

- Carved mouth and nose.
- New make up (made with high quality pastels and watercolor pencils. All sealed with MSC Matt.
- Eyelids in bright green with apple drawings. 
- All eye chips are new from Brainworm. (blue, grey, soft pink and brown).
- Blogged eyes and gaze correction.
- She has NOT sleepy eyes.
- Licca body (but can change it for her stock one if requested).
- She will travel in a random Blythe color box and a strong exterior box. All wrapped and protected for a safety trip.
- She will travel nude (but not naked).

Apple found a new loving home. <3

Thank you so much!

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