jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

Caramel is ready to be adopted

Caramel is ready to be adopted.
If you want to know more about her and the work done on her and other details, please, read the previous post. :)

Caramel is adopted.

Thank you!

miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

Caramel, new Tolé Tolé doll will be ready to travel soon

Hi everybody!

Caramel is the last Tolé Tolé custom Blythe for adoption. I won't make any more custom dolls for a (probably) long time. As many of you know, my due date is very near and soon I will be a full time mom so I guess I won't have many time for dolls. So this is the last by now. Of course I will be back with more dolls later this year!

Let me introduce Caramel and her details.

She is a Blythe RBL+ Misha Tebya Lyublyu. She has carved mouth and nose, with new realistic and natural make up with soft freckles. She is a sweet girl who loves nature, so she has painted mushrooms in her eyelids. She has three new pairs of brainwork eye chips and she keeps her stock special eyes. She has sleeping eyes and other usual corrections (blogged eyes, gaze correction...).
She will travel in her original box, with all her original outfit and stand. She wears her original stock body.

All the info about her adoption will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

Thank you so much!


martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Teddy, Icy doll custom by Tolé Tolé

Hello! I introduce you the new icy doll custom by me (Tolé Tolé)

She is an Icy doll with Nostalgic Pop Blythe scalp. I carved her an open mouth with epoxy tiny teeth. She keeps her original eye chips but I added realistic foils to the pink front eyechips. She has sleepy eyes, blogged and gaze correction and new pullrings. She has one flaw, she needs help with finger for changing her violet (pink with foils) front eye chips to the next pair. The rest of the eyes have no problems with changing. She has new make up, all sealed with MSC Matt. She wears licc a body. Will travel dressed with a dress of my choice in her original stock box and a brown exterior strong box.
Please, note her scalp is still not glued in pictures, but she will travel with the scalp glued. :)

Teddy has found a home. :)

Thank you!

martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Rita, custom Blythe by Tolé Tolé soon for adoption

Rita found a new home. :) Thank you!

She is a Hi Ho Marine I bought NRFB and she comes with the licca body (I can replace her body for her stock body if you want).

This is the work I've done on her:

- Carved faceplate
- Make up with high quality soft pastel colors and watercolor pencils.
- Sealed with MSC Matt.
- New haircut (shorted bangs and bobbed)
- New eyelashes and new eye chips (I kept her stock special blue eychips and replaced the others for new Cool Cat eye chips, matching with her new make up and hair color)
- Sleepy eyes with pullrings
- Gaze corrected and blogged eyes.

Other details:
- Rita will travel with the dress pictured (not the beanie)
- She is an altered doll, I made her with lots of care an love but please, note she is not factory perfect.
- Shipping will be by registered mail with tracking number. If you want EMS or insurance we can discuss it after the deal.

Thank you so much!


Rita encontró un nuevo hogar. :) ¡Gracias!

Es una Hi Ho Marine que compré NRFB y lleva cuerpo licca (puedo cambiarlo por el suyo de stock si lo prefieres).

Este es el trabajo realizado en ella:

- Carving en faceplate
- Maquillaje realizado con pasteles de alta calidad y lápices acuarelables.
- Sellado con MSC Matt.
- Nuevo corte de pelo (flequillo más corto y corte tipo bob)
- Nuevas pestañas y nuevos eye chips (conserva sus ojos azules especiales de stock, y lleva tres pares nuevos de CoolCat que combinan con su maquillaje y su pelo).
- Sleepy eyes con pullrings.
- Correciones de mirada.

Otros detalles:
- Rita viajará con el vestido de las fotos (menos la boina)
- Es una muñeca alterada, la he hecho con mucho cariño y cuidado pero por favor, ten en cuenta que no se trata de una muñeca recién salida de fábrica.
- El envío será certificado con número de seguimiento. Si quieres envío urgente o asegurado lo hablamos después.

¡Muchas gracias!