miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

Caramel, new Tolé Tolé doll will be ready to travel soon

Hi everybody!

Caramel is the last Tolé Tolé custom Blythe for adoption. I won't make any more custom dolls for a (probably) long time. As many of you know, my due date is very near and soon I will be a full time mom so I guess I won't have many time for dolls. So this is the last by now. Of course I will be back with more dolls later this year!

Let me introduce Caramel and her details.

She is a Blythe RBL+ Misha Tebya Lyublyu. She has carved mouth and nose, with new realistic and natural make up with soft freckles. She is a sweet girl who loves nature, so she has painted mushrooms in her eyelids. She has three new pairs of brainwork eye chips and she keeps her stock special eyes. She has sleeping eyes and other usual corrections (blogged eyes, gaze correction...).
She will travel in her original box, with all her original outfit and stand. She wears her original stock body.

All the info about her adoption will be published tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

Thank you so much!


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