martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Teddy, Icy doll custom by Tolé Tolé

Hello! I introduce you the new icy doll custom by me (Tolé Tolé)

She is an Icy doll with Nostalgic Pop Blythe scalp. I carved her an open mouth with epoxy tiny teeth. She keeps her original eye chips but I added realistic foils to the pink front eyechips. She has sleepy eyes, blogged and gaze correction and new pullrings. She has one flaw, she needs help with finger for changing her violet (pink with foils) front eye chips to the next pair. The rest of the eyes have no problems with changing. She has new make up, all sealed with MSC Matt. She wears licc a body. Will travel dressed with a dress of my choice in her original stock box and a brown exterior strong box.
Please, note her scalp is still not glued in pictures, but she will travel with the scalp glued. :)

Teddy has found a home. :)

Thank you!

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